Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back to School Teacher Appreciation

Every year about this time I do a project for one of our local schools. The project always involves paper crafting and some kind of candy. It is for the back to school teacher meetings and I got involved because a close friend teaches at the school. Here are some samples from this year.

The Water Bottle tag is one of my new favorites. They are easy to put together and I think they really add a lot of cuteness to a water bottle. I've made about 300 of them since the beginning of the year when I found the idea. In fact, I WORE OUT a scallop punch making them!

Gotta love anything with chocolate in it! I used to spend a lot of time creating personalized wrappers for Hershey bars. They were fun but I got tired of doing the same old thing. I love the idea of the Hershey "slide". They can be done for full size bars or small ones like I've done here.

Isn't this sour cream looking wrapper cool? Looked complicated to me but it was so easy to put together! I couldn't find scrapbook paper that I liked for this so I copied and pasted school words all over the page and added roadrunners which is the school mascot.

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Mommie Kate said...

Those are so cool! I want to try the sour cream holder. BTW, I found you through BlogFrog. Happy crafting!

The Zany Housewife said...

Wow Marlene, that is so creative!! I think the teachers in your area are very lucky to have you around! I would love to learn how to be more crafty..without being such a spaz. Knowing me, I would probably scallop punch my fingertips. ;)

Shirley said...

Love these! My daughter and I are always looking for cute teacher gifts! Thank you Marlene! Clever!

pattas said...

I found you in Blogfrog also :))
I love the idea you have there, not sure where I would buy the kisses but I guess another sweet would surfice. (but not quite as tasty) :))

Marlene said...

What? No Hershey Kisses "down under"? You are right. Any candy would do. Chocolate is my favorite!

Fresh From Above-Bonnie said...

Very creative and so professional looking. Thank You for the great ideas

Paula said...

very creative! No Hershey kisses in Germany eeither. What I tried in the US so far wasnt to my liking - spoilt brat I am