Monday, November 29, 2010

A Sweet Celebration

The Messy Details

The Bride Arrives!

Our backyard is transformed.

Simple centerpieces.

Coconut Creme Brulee!

LOVE a banner!

Personalized candy.

Lots of visiting!

LOTS of presents!

"You made HOW MANY hair accessories?
58 to be exact!

Sweet messages.

Sweet friendship!


Anonymous said...

Marlene! That was a beautiful shower! I've been blog hopping at my favorite DIY blogs to get Christmas decorating inspiration!

I have soothing Christmas piano music playing in the background and tiny white lights and garland decorate my mantle. I love this time of year...hope you are well! :)

Paula said...

Wow, love how you get all these pic's up so easy ;-))) What a wonderful host your family were and how much work you have put into it. You are truly impressive!

Sunny Day said...

Your yard looked great, so creative. In the second picture, for a second I thought the bride was holding a full size car.

Bec said...

You are one talented lady! Your girls are so lucky to learn from the best. Thanks again for all the help with Peggy's wedding. Love ya