Monday, February 21, 2011

Marshmallow Shooters

Another Easter project!  I found this idea on "Make It Do" .  It's called a Marshmallow Shooter and it is SO much fun.  I made these last night and the girls and I "tried them out".  You would not believe how far you can shoot a marshmallow with this little gadget!   
Notice I forgot the T connector in this picture!
To make one shooter you will need the following: 
1/2" PVC pipe.  A total of 14" of it cut in:
(Two 2" pieces, Two 3" pieces and One 4" piece)
2 elbows
1 straight connector
1 T-connector
1 cap
One note: PVC connectors come 2 ways.  Some are threaded and some are not.  You want the plain jane and very cheap non-threaded ones. Also be sure and purchase all 1/2" product.  I had to really pay attention when I was buying my stuff.  It wasn't all that organized at the store.
I ended up purchasing a pvc pipe cutter.  It cost me about $12 at Home Depot but seemed worth the cost because I was making a bunch of these.   The project went VERY fast using these cutters!
 The parts all laid out!  It is so easy to put together!  Just push one end into another. 
The finished product!  You put the marshmallow into the mouth end (left) and blow it out.  Believe it or not, the marshmallow not only blew all the way through but it hit the wall on the other side of the room the first time I tried it!
Of course I couldn't make just 1!  I made a total of 16 of these puppies and it only took a couple of hours including all the cutting!  Total cost: $26 not counting the tool.  That's less than $2 apiece. 
Becky woke up with a marshmallow stuck to she and her sheets.  She left this note for Katy.  LOL!

I'm picturing all of my nieces and nephews having a great time with these and Zoe (the dog) enjoying chasing marshmallows. :)


Holly said...
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Holly said...

I'm so sad we live so far away! Looks like you guys will have a really fun Easter party. The capes and marshmallow guns are awesome!

Marlene said...

I wish you guys lived closer! :( Both projects were REALLY easy to make and would make great favors for a boy's birthday party. :)

Lori said...

I am tweeting this! I love it and I know my kids would have a blast with this! A Marshmallow Shooter, who would have thunk! You rock!

Yes I Blog said...

I LOVE those things!!!! Wish I was in your family! :-) Would love to get one as an Easter present!

Paula said...

You are never running out of projects. I am however very strong against utilizing food for games. There are to many people are going hungry. Sorry wasnt supposed to be a critic

Marlene said...

I'm sorry, Paula! Didn't mean to offend! I kind of like the idea of the marshmallows being edible. Because you blow into the shooter with your mouth, edible feels safer. Also Zoe, our dog, thought it was a great treat to eat any that hit the floor.

Kristi said...

Love this idea. So fun!