Monday, June 6, 2011

Yee Haw!

One of my favorite themes is Western.  The food and decorations are easy and easy is my favorite kind of party!  Today I want to share a simple idea to go with that theme. 
Got any old jeans????
Messed up jeans are the best.  Gives this project personality.

Lay 'em out on the table.  You're going to need a pair of good sewing scissors and some pinking shears. 
Cut the bottom of the leg off from about the knee.  I save this part to use as a gift bag.  Just turn it inside out, sew the raw edges closed and turn it back.  It is great for a number of things.  Do you have door prizes for your party?  Use these as a gift bag.  They are just the right size to hold a bottle of your favorite beverage.  Use raffia to tie the top shut.  OR slide a vase into them and again, tie it on with raffia.  Fill it with sunflowers and you have a great centerpiece for your western table.
Now take your sewing scissors and do a rough cut around the pockets. 
Use your pinking shears to cut around the pocket close to the edges.  You can start with the pinking shears if you like but I have found that that they are hard to use over the thicker seams.
Use these pockets to hold the silverware and napkin for your table settings.
A friend got me started collecting pockets when she loaned me hers for a Cowboy Christmas party I hosted at church.  I've been collecting ever since.  Picture a red check table cloth and red napkins in the pocket.


Paula said...

Love your ideas. This Western Theme reminds me of my time in NY where in the eve we went into a bar and got the surprise of a life time as the bar was strewn with straw, there was a square dance going on, all dressed accordingly and even more so though I got called to ride the bull.....

Lori said...

What a creative and fun idea! I used to take jeans and make pocketbooks out of them. Do you remember when that was a fad?

I added you to my blog roll. Just love visiting your blog. :)

Suzanne said...

Awww, those are cool, ya'll. Just practicing, as we are headed to Texas Tomorrow for my brother's wedding! :)

ArtMuse Dog and Carol said...

I want to come to this party, Marlene ~ so creative and fun ~ did you take the 1st pic ~ cowboy boots and hat? It is a great photo ~ ^_^

Cept I love My Jeans too much to cut them up ~ LOL

thanks for a great post ~ !

katlupe said...

What a great idea! You come up with so many ideas. Western stuff though, is dear to my heart, as we used to do a wild west show