Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I was thinking about how long it's been since I've written on here and came across this post I had started before Thanksgiving and never used.  Decided "thankfulness" should be a year round event so here you go. I am so thankfull for my girls.  They bring a lot of JOY to our home.  I can't imagine life without the spark they add.

Who ARE these old people and how did they get that way?  I am thankful for the man that has loved me all these years!(My mother in law, my girls and my mom.)
Thankful for family!

(Marlene, Mark, Karen)
Thankful for my brother and sister.
Thankful for friends.
Alice, on the left, has been my neighbor for more than 25 years! 
Kathi, on the right, is a friend.  Kathi and I sit together every Sunday in church.  Someone asks almost every week if we are sisters!  It always makes us laugh.  We do look a lot alike. We also have the same hairdresser. :-)
I'm thankful that my brother works for the airlines which allows me to travel to my mom's house every year and play in her craft room!
I'm thankful for my friend, Janelle, who got me started card making this year.  This was an especially difficult year for her.  I think the crafting was therapudic for both of us!

Thankful for my friend, Marilyn!  Lunches out, shopping trips, hair appointments, decorating advice, etc.  Friends since before I had children, wrinkles or a middle age spread!
If you are reading this, I am thankful for YOU!  Blogging is a new challenge for me this year.  I am thankful for your comments, imput and help along the way!
Wishing you a happy 2011!


Paula & Skip said...

Marlene, your a blessed and I am grateful that you shared how awesome your life is. I am grateful that I have met you, Paula

The Redhead Riter said...

Beautiful post and beautiful pictures! I'm so glad you started a blog!!!!!

laughwithusblog said...

You are rich in friendship and family!

katlupe said...

It looks like you have a very close knit family and friends. You are very blessed. I am thankful for your online friendship too.

Popcorn Served Daily said...


I'm thankful for you too!

Hope you are doing well!


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Have a great Monday!