Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter.....The Preview

I love Easter!  It's the one family get together that I always host.  :) Every year I try and come up with some fun new ideas.  Here is a preview of some of the things I have done this year.

Signs to hang all over the yard!

Easter eggs filled and loaded into color coordinated bags.  Each child has a color so we can hide them according to their ages.

"Peep"er Dolls printed and ready for our 2 youngest girls.  I thought it would be fun for our moms, grandmas and aunts to help cut them out while we visit.  You can find these to print yourself here.
Target centerpieces put together and ready to go for the outside tables. Extra eggs waiting for me to go to the bank and get a stack of dollar bills to fill them.  I love this tradition.  It started when my girls were young.  One suggestion.....Never send your husband to the bank to get these dollar bills.  (He's better off to not know what you spend on Easter.  Tee hee.)

Enough marshmallow shooters for every kid and some of the adults to have one.  Instructions for these are here.

Chip clip favors for the grown ups to take home.
Jewel eggs to be filled with a little CA$H for the teenagers.  They hide the eggs for the little ones for me.  Kind of a bummer to get too old to hunt for eggs.  I like to do something for the bigger ones too.  :)

Well there you have it.  Next on my list is to make my grocery list and get my house cleaned up.  I'm looking forward to Sunday!  How about you?  What kind of fun things are you doing for Easter?


pattas said...

You always have such fun things to do..:))
I can see a lot of smiling faces in your home this Easter :))
Thankyou for sharing :))

Suzanne said...

You are such an awesome crafter-idea girl! I love that you LOVE Easter! Rejoice!

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday Marlene! :)

Laurie Turk said...

Where did you get the peeps paper dolls? Those are very cool!

Avant Garde Parenting said...

You are so crafty and clever!!! A-dorable!

Happy Easter :)

katlupe said...

Happy Easter Marlene! You go all out for everything. What a talent you have!