Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why is it so hard???? (Rant Warning!)

One year ago today I started this blog. 
One would think after a year that I would have it all figured out. 
I don't. 
Lately all it does is make me feel guilty for not posting on a regular basis. 
I keep telling myself that I will do better......next week when my schedule eases up. 
Next week comes and goes and nothing changes. 
I am a stay at home mom. 
Doesn't that mean that I have lots of time on my hands?  (I get that a lot.) 

One year.
365 days. 
91 posts.
Averages out to once every 4 days.
Not great.
Not terrible either. 
Next year's goal?
How about once every 3 days?
(Baby steps.)

Thank you to my faithful readers!
You make me smile.
You've encouraged me.
I'll see you......in 3 days.  ;-)

The End


Kasey said...

I just went through a blogging funk (right about at my 1 year mark). I took some time off and am testing the waters. I wonder the one year anniversary makes a lot of bloggers reevaluate their goals?

Paula said...

Marlene Mine, every 4 days is not bad. I often dont do more! And I am housewife only. No kids, no obligations, no nada! yet just every 4 - 5 days. Great minds think alike though and I am working on shaping up my blog and life!

Suzanne said...

Ack, it's your blog and you can cry if you want to! I decided this summer I will post when I want, every day, once a week, whatever!

Just 2 cents from a faithful reader! :)

katlupe said...

I started out this year (winter is easier) to post daily. But I have 4 blogs so I could not keep up. Especially when gardening season started. Now I am canning and gardening. So I post when I can. This is the best year I have had though. In 2007, for some unknown reason I only posted about 10 times! I agree, it is your blog, it'll be here when you want to post.