Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pinterest.....Christmas in August

Aren't these the cutest candy bars ever?  I do so love to decorate chocolate!  The link will take you to a free printable of the wrapper.  The hat is made with a single row of stitching.  Easy peasy!  Click HERE to get the instructions.
Can you tell I've got Christmas on the brain?  Love love love this Nativity!  Love the simple lines.  Ok, love the fact that even I could do painting at this level.  Love it so much that I am debating making 100 of them for my Senior Adult Luncheon this year.  Some of you that know me may need to slap me upside the head before I even begin making that many.....  Again, HERE is the link to the instructions.
This could be listed as "Why didn't I think of that"?  Epsom Salt snow?  Really.  Love this look.  Love the white on white.  Love the canning jars.  Simple Simon!  Here's the Link although you probably don't need one for this one!
I have a love/hate relationship with games.  I "think" I don't love to play games.  Shannon and Peggy ALWAYS bring games to our family get togethers.  I ALWAYS complain.  They "force" me to play.  There is lots of laughter and in the end I have a good time.  This Christmas Bingo game caught my eye.  Love the fact that it is not only printable but it is formatted to 5x7 size so you can send it to your local 1 hour photo place and have a great print of it.  I could probably play Bingo.....without complaining....much.  Here's the link!

Ok, peeps, now you've got some of my favorite Pinterest Christmas links!  Now I need to get off the computer so I can get some actual (vs. virtual) crafting done! 


Suzanne said...

Oh, I just love Pinterest! I just made 3 recipes from there within the last two weeks!

I'm still gearing up for school time, already anxious about schedules and not dropping the ball! Ack!

PAULA said...

I love your selection. And I love pinterest. Got asked to bake and sell original German gingerbread for the local Christkindlmarket.So excited. Considering these wrappers might be a nice idea too.