Monday, August 1, 2011

Vacation #2 and the Striped Room

The girls' idea of vacation.
(Too much sun for me.)
Give me a cup of coffee, a book and a shady place to read.
(Now THAT'S vacation!)
Katy decided she wanted to paint her room black and white.  The MINUTE we got home from the resort she started unloading her room!  I have to confess.  I was stressed about black and white stripes on the wall but I (mostly) kept my mouth shut.  It is only paint, afterall.  I was pleasantly surprised at the results.  Katy did an awesome job!  It gives her room a more grown up (and rather chic) look! She will be spending the first 2 years of college living at home so I figure this is her "dorm at home" room.  She was anxious for her dad to see her work.  He is a white walls kind of guy.  (Boring!)  He told her that would not normally be his thing but he thought she'd "earned her stripes".  Ha ha.  He can be a funny guy sometimes.  Great job Katy!
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ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Hey ~ Wow! She did a great job! ~ Love it!

I am with you ~ I don't like 'sitting in the sun' anymore ~ I have got enough 'wrinkles' ~ LOL ~ namaste, Carol (artmusedog) Share the Creative Journey ^_^

Paula said...

Pretty awesome job. I love white walls too. The whiteness gives me space to reflect and a wide open feeling. Like I can decorate the whiteness everyday anew in my mind. Or just letting my eyes rest. We live in such a hectic world with sensory overload that whiteness is refreshingly innocent! White for me is one of the least boring state to be in or to have!

that's life! said...

"Earned her stripes'! Ha!

katlupe said...

I love it! She did an awesome job. It looks very modern and sophisticated.

Rene' said...

Love the stripes!! She did a fantastic job!

Janie Fox said...

I love the room. I love tea, a book and the shade. amen.

Lori said...

Wow, her rooms really looks great. How lucky you are to have your daughter at home going to college. I'm jealous.

Hope you're having a great Thursday out of the sun.