Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Menopause Moment....

Menopause sucks!

No one really tells you how much fun this is not going to be.  Mmm.  Maybe I knew but never believed it could happen to me.  I would never be "one of those" that ended up with a "middle age spread".  Afterall, I am a lifer at Weight Watchers.  Just haul my sorry self back to the meetings and get my eating under control again.  Right.

Then there are the hot flashes.  Or, as I prefer to call it, "my faulty thermostat".  Now, I live in Arizona.  Being hot is normal.   The difference?  I was out running errands the other day.  I walked into a store that was very cool.  My first reaction was that it felt so good to hit that cool air.  20 minutes later my body was still trying to actually cool off.  It is a wierd feeling to be in a 70 degree room and sweating.

Probably my least favorite part of all this are the short term memory lapses...

It was 10pm.
I was tired.
Washed my face.  Brushed my teeth.
Reached in my pocket to get my phone so I could plug it in for the night.
It wasn't there.
Looked in the bathroom.
Looked in my chair.  (Sometimes it falls out of my pocket there.)
Checked all over the house.
It was nowhere.
Finally decided I would call myself.
Guess where it rang?
In my bra.

I'm still laughing at myself over that one.  Laughter really IS the best medicine.  Learning to laugh at myself is a lesson I could have used in my younger days. 

Think this will never happen to you? 
It can. 
It will. 
Get ready.



Paula said...

This is freaking hilarious. A ringing cleavage!!!! LOL. Last time Skip called my one, we found it in the freezer. Nicely cooled down already!

Bev said...

I totally relate, now what were we talking about?

Teresa Wilkinson 1984 said...

Okay reading Paula's comment I am really laughing. Trying to figure out is one is her boob or her phone?

Marlene I will miss some of this due to my hysterectomy. I have been told I will go through something that could be just as bad as someone with complete plumbing or something very marginal in comparison.

My question if I have any more memory lapses than what I have now who is going to tell Don to make get on the computer and check in with you all? Or worse will I be banned for repeating myself?

CJ said...

just when you think it won't happen to you. Too funny. Gotta love the short term memory. Now what were we talkin about? ;-)

Ila said...

I'm there now. Love the phone in the bra. I have to laugh at myself all the time or I would get depressed.

mergie said...

Makes you wonder what else is missing & where is it?LOL, We all have been there.(it's getting hot in here).

Janie Fox said...

I am with you in this. I work out, eat right and yet this middle refuses to budge. I couldn't sleep..no sugar helped with that. But I mix up words and crack myself up. Words that are similar but totally different meanings ie. roocall and protocal.
I have done the phone thing many times too. Ha the ringing bosom. Yup that too. Have a great day..whichever day this is? haha

Suzanne said...

I think I'm peri-menopausal already! Isn't that the term?

Great, just great. ;)

Lori said...

You make me smile, WIDE! Your bra? How funny, but I could probalby share a few strange places that I've found things that I misplaced.

Paula said...

Hi Lady, passing by to show some love. Miss you around. Due to recent moving stress - it seems I misplaced your address. May I have it again? Thanks