Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nifty Fifty

Last Wednesday my sister turned 50!  My aunt sent me a message on Facebook saying that she, my mom and my sister were going for pedicures and then out for pizza on Karen's birthday and why didn't I come and join them. (Not sure why I didn't think of that myself!). SO.....I flew to Portland Wednesday.
 The Birthday Girl!
Family Feet
Ages 50-73
Hard to tell from the group shot but I went for black and white polka dot!
After our pampering, we went to Mississippi Pizza
where Karen had a lot of friends come.
Marlene, Mom, Karen

And family.

 We had a great time and I flew back to Arizona on Thursday.  A quick trip but it was fun and I'm glad I went. 
Happy 50th birthday, Karen!


Paula said...

Love the Polka dots. Have you had halux surgery?

katlupe said...

It looks like a happy time! What a great way to celebrate with your sister. Family moments like this are precious treasures!