Monday, April 16, 2012

Quilted bags for Mother's Day

Each year on Mother's Day I like to have a little something to hand out to all of my senior adult ladies at church.  This year I came across this idea for a quilted bag.  The original idea was from a blog called Pink Penguin.  Here is the link to her awesome tutorial for making the bag!  I made mine smaller but used the same technique.  My smaller bags are done with 9 - 2" squares.  I was making 70 of them and decided that making both sides quilted was more than I could tackle so I did coordinating fabric on the back and created a label to stitch on. 
 Awhile back I shared with you the idea/instructions for printing on fabric with your computer.  Here is the link to those instructions. 
 The initial idea was to put a small sewing kit in each bag but the more I thought about it the more I wondered how practical that would be for a senior adult.  For most of the ones I know just threading a needle is a challenge.  Ended up designing candy wrappers using old fashioned sewing graphics.  Wording on the sides and back of the candy have the date and Happy Mother's Day written.  The candy I used was Hershey Nuggets.  They are easy to make wrappers for because a basic address label (Avery 8160) fits perfectly around them.
 The bags were really easy to make but about half way through the project I found myself wondering.......WHAT WAS I THINKING! 
Looking forward to Mother's Day when I can hand out treats and hug a lot of necks!


Ila East said...

Another idea would be a theme of Hugs and Kisses. the bags would contain Hershey's Hugs and Kisses.

Marlene said...

Great idea, Ila! :)

Paula said...

Marlene, these little bags are simply adorable. The work you have put into is amazing. I still remember all the teeddies you made - that was even before I came over!