Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tiffany Blue Theme

I never know where inspiration is going to come from! 
This year for Christmas my daughters bought me my first Tiffany's gift.  (Ooo la la!) Now I don't know about you but if I get anything in one of those pretty blue boxes the box must be saved! It has been sitting around in my bedroom since Christmas.  Makes me smile just to see the box!  On top of that, I keep seeing that commercial where the senior adult man orders Breakfast at Tiffany's for his wife for their anniversary.  Anyway, when it came time to plan "Senior Appreciation Day" at church I had Tiffany on the brain!  My variation of the Tiffany theme is "Breakfast at Trinity".  I started by looking for Tiffany blue paper.  I found a great resource for all types of Tiffany paper at Paper and More online.  They had really fast service.  I had my order in 2 or 3 days.

 My first project was this candy folder.  I came across the idea on Pinterest. (Where all wonderful ideas come from, right?)  You can find the instructions to make this at Kerry's Craft Blog where she even has a great video tutorial on how to put it together.
 This silverware bag is probably my favorite part of this project.  Embossing the bag was also found on Pinterest but their idea was on a paper bag.  I used an embossing folder with tiny dots and ran each bag through my Cuttlebug.  The blue strap and wording squares were made from scraps!  Love finding a way to use scraps!  I had printed the squares for the candy holder and later decided the size was too small.  They were perfect for the silverware bag!
 Invitations were relatively easy to set up.  I downloaded a couple of Tiffany style fonts to use and the chandelier was a die that I have, also with my Cuttlebug.  If you wanted to do it without the die cut, I think it would be fine with just the words in the middle of the invite.  That would be just like a real Tiffany box.  :) The 2 fonts I downloaded are TiffanyTwoLight and TiffanyTwoSmc.  The second one is all capitols and most closely resembles the Tiffany box.

 I ordered 8.5x11 paper from the same place to use as placemats.  Just printed in the center of them.  We will have white tablecloths and candles in the center of the tables.
Like a lot of things I do, it seemed like an easy project until I started making 100 of everything! 

I think this theme would be wonderful for a wedding shower! 


Kristi said...

Nice! :)

Paula said...

Marlene, I had to look twice before I could believe you are around again. That is simply great. Both I mean, You being around and this Tiffany Style. Came out quite stylish and inviting