Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shopping with a friend....

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I went into the city. We spent the day at a big consignment/antique store. My only "find" for the day wasn't an antique at all. This little book case was only $14. It is in perfect shape and matches some bigger ones that we already have. I thought I would use it as an end table by our sofa and get some extra video storage at the same time for our family room. Turned out the bookcase was too high and the backing showed above the arm of the couch. I decided instead to add it to the end of an already existing video bookcase. I was surprised when I realized that it not only was it oak but the color and style were exact!

I think the finished product is pretty good and you can't beat the price.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marlene! Don't you love it when you snatch up a great find! I'm still looking for a little shelf to put my printer on next to the desk where my pc sits...meanwhile the printer waits patiently on the floor!

I practically did a cartwheel (not really, but I squealed...weeeeee!) when I saw my blog button on your blog!

I am however working on a new one to 'match' the new colors of my blog ('cause I'm anal like that!) but you can keep this one, it matches your blog nicely! :)

Flamingo K said...

Nice find. Such a great fit, too!