Sunday, August 8, 2010


About a week ago, we had a mini vacation. Actually my husband was conferencing and the girls and I tagged along. He has this same conference every year at the same resort so we have memories at all stages of life at this resort. I've had morning sickness, babies, preschoolers, school age kids and now "kids" that are nearly grown ups!

This is the view looking out my room. I enjoy taking my coffee and a book out on this patio and reading while the girls sleep in.

When they finally get up, we head out to the pool. I find a shady spot for some more reading and they usually swim and lay out in the sun. I know they will be pleased that I posted a picture of them with no makeup, not smiling and in their swimsuits. LOL!
We tried ordering lunch out by the pool one's just too stinkin' hot to enjoy it out there!
When lunch time rolls around, we get dressed and head out to eat and shop. These days there are no school supplies or back packs to buy. Kind of sad for this old mom! We did manage to spend plenty of money on new clothes!

This "little guy" was walking across our path on the way to the room the last night! While I know tarantulas are not dangerous, they sure are scary looking! Picture is a little blurry because by the time Katy (the only one brave enough to go back) went back to take it, the little guy was trying to escape over the wall.
I love this vacation. Laid back. No schedule. No long drive. Instead of spending money to travel somewhere, I say "yes" to some extra clothes shopping. Fun for them. Fun for me. :-)

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Anonymous said...

It is spider?
Hope you have good time. :-)