Friday, March 4, 2011

A New Friend

I enjoy using the clothesline.
Not for everything.
Mostly for sheets, towels and blue jeans.
Yes, the towels are rough.
But they are so much more absorbent!

There is a tree next to my clothesline.
Perfect to shade me in the hot AZ sun.
It has also become home to pigeons.
Lots of them.
Not a good over your laundry.

I miss using my clothesline.
Last year I read:
buy a plastic owl.
Birds are afraid of owls.
Move it around your yard to keep them away.
I never got it done.

About a month ago
an owl moved into one of our trees!
We heard his sound first.
Whoooo.  Whoooo.
Only in the night.
He's outside Katy's bedroom window.
She's not thrilled.

I'm beyond excited.
The real thing!
I hope he stays!
I think I'll go to the store today.
Time to re-string the clothesline.
Might even spring for some new clothespins.


Sunny Day said...

You mentioned your towels being more absorbent when dried outside. Do you use fabric softener? I have not used fabric softener on my towels in years. I read that it had wax in it and repeated use would make your towels less absorbent. If you dry towels in the dryer, they should be soft anyway.

Several years ago, I even stopped using fabric softener in my permanent press. I was using it to prevent static, but the only time I have static is if something is nylon.

Marlene said...

Wow, I never thought about not using softener on my towels. I'll have to try that. I used to cut my dryer sheets in half. Don't know why I stopped. Didn't seem to make a difference to only have a half sheet in there and cut the cost in half. :)

Yes I Blog said...

I can't do the towels on the clothesline. They always seem to scratchy. But I do love me some sheets that have been line dried. They smell so fresh!

Good luck with the owl helping out!

ArtMuse Dog and Carol said...

Wow! I haven't used a clothes line in years ~ what a wonderful thing you experienced ~ artmusedog ^_^ from Blog Frog ~ enjoy !

Paula & Skip said...

Marlene, I love your new friend. Owl is my signature animal. I love clotheslines and nothing needs to be scratchy. Instead of using softener I use homemade 'softener' which is good for environment and purse.
Sorry to hear that the bread turned out to be a stone. Hear me giggle. I created many many stones. Maybe you like to start with a French baguette. It is a good bread for beginner s it shows you many steps over and over again. Sorry I am so late in replying. Being married and in America is still often exhausting.
Love and hugs down South.

Lori said...

How cool that is to have an owl friend close by. My daughter would be out there all the time watching the owl.

My mom loved using her clothes line. She just loved the way the clothes smelled from the fresh air.