Monday, March 21, 2011

Senior Adult Appreciation Day

My photography skills leave a lot to be desired!  Here is a peek at the day yesterday.
Cute but not perfect.  It's hard to 125 of anything!  I think they enjoyed the cuteness.  :)
Simple tables.
Some of my very able, very tired helpers!
He cooked 150 burgers in an hour!

Recap of the day:  The cupcakes were a hit! They were, however VERY time consuming.  I'm not sure I would do them again in this kind of quantity.  I did as much as I could ahead but the brightly colored frosting really needs to wait until you are ready to put them out.  If you frost them ahead and they touch each other, it looks like a mess instead of ketchup and mustard.  5 of us worked assembly line style to get them frosted and it worked well.  Do you suppose "Bakerella" has staff for this kind of stuff?  :)
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Sunny Day said...

I've been lost for a while so cut me a little slack. But, do you mean the "hamburgers" on the table are cupcakes? They are incredible. All of you did a great job on them.

Suzanne said...

Can't believe you actually made them! That's incredible!

Paula & Skip said...

Marlene, they are so adorable, so much work. I do hope you wouldnt make them in such an amount again. Hugs and love.

Flamingo K (aka Karen Schurr) said...

How much fun! You have so many good ideas.

Nannie said...

OMG, are those CUPCAKES?! I just found you via Blog Frog...those are AMAZING!!!!!!!